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i will someday swim / for days and never shore

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and my palms were floating

persimmons and orchids


offerings of candles. see

tilt of my legs


like a madonna hands spread

face turned down


body not, as expected,

alabaster not


asphodel, not horn, not ivory

not adamantine,


not magnolia, not marble,

neither tooth nor tusk, not rot


not snow

i looked and i did not melt.


everything held silent

then the shadows stirred,


they buzzed and crept up each flank

stretching toward my ribs.


i closed my eyes

slid underwater


and heard: unseen

some guitar, the fingers upon it


calling out nine or ten crystalline notes

that poured through the ceiling or the pipes

and each molecule of water until they came to me


in this body

where i carry each of my inadequate senses


Written by ponyboi

November 7, 2009 at 6:40 pm

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