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breakfast at gaia

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My friend came into town for a wedding so we went to local hippie vegetarian restaurant Gaia for breakfast. I remember them having scrambled tofu, but apparently they took it off the menu. So I got the tempeh Cuban whatnot. It was good, and the chocolate almond coffee was delicious, but it’s kind of weird that a vegetarian restaurant only has three vegan options–oatmeal, granola with fruit, and said tempeh thingie. I love the ambiance, though–it reminds me of Sweden, with these big benches and light green ceilings.

Said friend has a fancy schmancy phone that takes pictures, and he very kindly emailed me the picture of my breakfast, even though he thought it was pretty hilarious that I was photographing my food.

While I was out to breakfast J. texted me: good morning love…I dreamt that we were at some sort of air force camp or something. you weren’t wearing a shirt.

then: I saw yer tits hahaha


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October 3, 2009 at 4:04 pm

Brick Road Pizza Co.

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This is the Vegan Philly Steak Sandwich from the Brick Road Pizza Co in Grand Rapids, MI. It was dank. DANK. They’re a relatively new restaurant that, rumor has it, employs a vegan cook who pushed for vegan options on the menu, for which I am eternally grateful. (There aren’t a lot of vegan options around here.)

They have vegan sammiches, vegan pizzas (I like the buffalo tofu pizza), freakin’ vegan spinach-artichoke dip…it’s amazing. On Sundays they have this kick-ass all-you-can-eat brunch with a bunch of vegan options. I’m usually only in GR on weekdays, so I’ve only been to the brunch once, but I’m definitely hitting it up this Sunday. So you will be hearing all about it then. Last time I was there, they had vegan cheesecake. It was glorious.

Also, I totally dropped my sammich on the way out the door tonight, and they very kindly made me another one. So they’re friendly as well as delicious.

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October 2, 2009 at 9:22 pm

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Today I biked downtown to the art district to meet up with with Heinous for a mutual friends’ gallery opening at I-space. I wore jeans and a button-down shirt, but sadly, couldn’t remember the new knot I learned for my gallery show (the Pratt knot, my new favorite) and decided to go tieless rather than revert to the Windsor.

The show was  “EveryBody!: Visual Resistance in Feminist Health Movements, 1969-2009” and it was amazing. There were cunts everywhere. There was a coloring station including crayons with coloring pages from The Cunt Coloring Book*, a whole lot of zines (including Tip of the Iceberg, an excellent book on the clitoris which my friend wrote, drew, and published), prints from A New View of a Woman’s Body on the walls, and a giant plush cunt in one corner.

Our friend went to the fancy artists’ dinner, so Heinous suggested that we get Thai food at a restaurant a couple of blocks away. It turned out to be a restaurant that we’d gone to together when I first moved to the city, which I hadn’t seen in the five years since, and I had the best kind of nostalgia. Then we biked back to Uptown and did our best to melt our brains by watching hours and hours of The L Word. I’m pretty sure I succeeded and that my brain is permanently mush, which I’m sure the zombies will appreciate when they invade.

* Google Books has The Cunt Coloring Book listed under “humor”, but I think it’s more “educational”.

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September 12, 2009 at 3:30 pm